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Monday, April 6, 2015

EgoPay Closed

This another payment processor in history that shutdown after the popular payment processor named LibertyReserve. Very pity seeing this, Companies, Exchangers, Traders, Investors and all other Users fund is locked up inside and Egopay Website, Support etc stop working.

This issues starts around December 2014, as users start reporting of their services performance etc, but they say that they are trying to change to a better server, to improve their service and security (is like they got Hacked then Hmmmm) : “EgoPay Members will be experiencing higher than normal review times for all Withdrawals and Deposits as EgoPay is currently conducting a System Migration. EgoPay will now be able to provide a more secure network for all members through which to complete their online transfers.
EgoPays standard review time frames and Service Level Agreements will return to normal and EgoPay appreciates your cooperation and understanding”.

Currently, no fund has been withdrawn by Users.
Their Email stop replying.
I guess, it is done for Egopay and they can not revive or rebuild their Reputation, though Tadas the CEO and Team is now removed for a New CEO and Team; NB: Strickpay tend to revive but didn’t.